Saturday, January 3, 2009

For Australian Only

Here is a link to the new Australian Auction site

It is a great site and I can recommend this to any one that lives in Australia

Aussie Free Samples

Please make sure that you check out all of the free sample sites regularly as they have updates with the lates freebies.

Have fun receiving your freebies.

Aussie Freebies - Part 6

Free sample of Chang's Ponzu Sauce

Free Maybelline New York Product
Sign up for membership to myMNY to receive all the latest in Maybelline New York news, promotions, product launches and more. The first 20, 000 members receive a free Maybelline New York product.

Free Environmentally Friendly Stationery Samples
Avery has a range of ‘green’ stationery products. These products maintain the same quality as other Avery products; however their impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

Also you need to check this website out it has more new freebie stuff on it, so check it out maybe every couple of days.

Also this website has new freebies on it as well so you also need to check this site out every couple of days.

And also check this site out as well

Here are some more websites that I have found to have free samples of products. They are as follows:

Freebie List


Request free Agiobibe starter sacets
Fill-in the form at the bottom of this page to get free sachets of Agiofibe - a special fibre supplement - which keeps you regular with less bloating and flatulence.

My Savings Forums

Little Eyes

Free coffee
and then click on order my free coffee

Snappy Tom Cat Food

Free Skincare
But you need to join up to get the free samples

Another free skincare sample

Aussie Freebies - Part 5

Heinz Recipe Book for Babies and Toddlers

Grant Liquid Perfume
(need to sign up to receive sample)

Free Onno Behrends Tea
if you would like a couple of free samples on the tea, write to me:
Sandra Kapp
Abel Lemon Distribution Pty Ltd
PO Box 292
Concord NSW 2137
Please enclose a stamped self addressed envelope, I will be pleased to send you some samples and an information sheet out)

Free Dine Cat Food sample
(need to fill in the form to request a free sample)

Pet First Aid Guide
(download a handbook for healthy pets)

Free Dog Food Recipe Book to Download

Hugo Pure Purple Perfume
(click on free sample - they do post to Australia, just put Australia in the city section and choose one of the country that they have. When they post to Australia they will cross out the country that you chose and leave Australia on there)

Poise Products (female pads)
(click on request a free product sample)

Huggies Dry Nites Pants
(need to join up with huggies to get samples, also do other product samples as well).

Free Melrose Massage Oil Sample
(scrow to the bottom of the page and request a free sample of their products)

Lipton Green Tea Sample
(need to fill in form to receive free sample)

Free Telephone Cleaning Sachets
(for businesses only)

Mariah Carey Perfume Sample
(need to fill in the form)

Max Aus Hair Care Samples
(need to fill in online form)

Masada Spa Sample
(need to fill in online form)

Aussie Freebies - Part 4

Free Pecan Recipe Book

Free Nappy Sample
(You need to clIck on order your free sample and fill in the form)

Free Dinosaur Story Poster
The poster helps you explore the ancient fossilised footprints at Lark Quarry, the world's only recorded dinosaur stampede, near Winton in Queensland. This amazing place shows more than 3300 fossilised dinosaur footprints.

Free Perfume Samples
(more information on this site - so check it out)

Free Paper Crafts
(Make your own paper models of motorcycles, rare animals and more)

Huggies Baby Club
(click on contact us and email them asking nicely if they have any samples of their products that you could try).

Pigeon Baby
(click on contact us and email them asking nicely if they have any samples of their products that you could try).

Curash Baby Care
(click on contact us and email them asking nicely if they have any samples of their products that you could try).

Wyeth Nutrition
(goto the bottom of the page and click on request a free sample)

Avent Naturally
(click on contact us and email them asking nicely if they have any samples of their products that you could try)

(click on baby, then click on contact us and email them and ask nicely that you would like some samples of their baby products to try).

Bump Bonus Book for mums to be
(click on ad at top of page to receive your free voucher book).

Eco Direct Pty Ltd (nappies)
(contact them for some free samples)

Aussie Freebies - Part 3

Free Sample - Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Scrub
From Womans Day Magazine; for a free 14ml sample of Neutrogena Oil Free Acne scrub call 1800 643 133. It's a recorded message that asks you to leave your details.

Free Sample of Dove pro*age
(click on the free sample)

Free Packet of Herb Seeds
(you will need to join the Yates Garden Club to receive seeds)

Free Sample from
(For a free sample of Cottons Maxi Pads with Wings (in either Reg or Super absorbencies) email Cottons at and quote “cottonsshop intro offer" offer ends 31 October 2007)

Freebies from Groove
(need to register with Groove and recieve an exclusive freebies voucher. Register in store and receive your freebie straight away)

Free Sample from ASCEND
(need to fill in the form and receive a free sample from the ASCEND Elite Proven Sports Proteins range.)

Free Asthma Emergency Card
(register for your free Asthma Emergency Kit)

Free Optimum Pet Health Drive Starter Pack
register with Optimum and receive your free Pet Health Drive Starter Pack which includes:
Tailored information on health and nutrition for you pet’s life stage or lifestyle
First Purchase Cash Back on OPTIMUM dry product

(this site you need to check out regularly)

Moccona Coffee
(you need to subscribe and be kept up to date on the latest promotions and special offers - you also receive a free sample)

Free Wii Remote Jacket - to view the offer

The Wii Remote Jacket is designed to give better grip and provide protection should it be dropped during game play.

To request a "Wii Remote Jacket". contact NINTENDO CUSTOMER SERVICE ON (03) 9730 9822 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (EST).

Please have your Wii console serial number ready when you phone.

Meet the Robinsons Activity Book

Free Egg Booklet
Need to register for a free copy of "Eggs...naturally. The unsung heroes in the fridge"
The booklet features egg recipes also information on why eggs should be part of a healthy well balanced diet.

Aussie Freebies - Part 2

It's my body

Skin Vitals (Skincare)

Marc Daniels VIP (Haircare)

Easy Cash
Need to become a member on this site

Hot Dockets (Discount Vouchers)

St. Ives Australia (Skincare)

Eulactol (Skincare)
(goto free sample on their website but at the moment they are temporarily unavailable - so keep checking their website out)

Crabtree & Evelyn (Skincare)
(email for samples)


The Freebies Blog


Baby Dust (Baby)


Sun Self Tanning Lotion Sample

Ocean Spray Cranberries Recipe Book

Sample of Depend Incontinence Protection Products

Sample of Ethiopian Specialty Coffee

Asian Home Gourmet Cookbook and Spice paste

Jennifer Lopez Pefume Sample

Tena Pads

Hugo Boss
(will post samples to Australia - even though our country is not on there)